FUREY: After a rough week, Ontario PCs turn a page with whirlwind leadership race

L to R – Doug Ford, Last Name Girl, Ancien Regime Girl, ????

For a week, the Ontario PC Party was looking like a dumpster fire. It started last Wednesday night with the resignation of leader Patrick Brown following sexual misconduct allegations (which he flatly denies). But now things are cooling, and there are signs that something greater might rise from the ashes.

It’s my understanding that you have to suck it up and accept Patrick Brown’s “People’s Guarantee” as policy, that means accepting a carbon tax. If that’s the case why bother with a leadership race? Why not just nominate a sock puppet? Would a candidate strike a chord with citizens by telling Trudeau to shove a federally imposed carbon emissions tax? The article linked below casts some doubt on whether the successful leadership candidate would have to follow Brown’s manifesto. 

From the Natpo…

“In November, former leader Patrick Brown released the “People’s Guarantee” party platform, which includes a commitment to adopt the federal tax on carbon emissions, and use the revenue to fund income tax cuts and other promises.

The leadership rules require that contenders follow the policy resolutions adopted by party members. Ford said he would do that, but also said he opposed the environmental levy.

“I’m going to make sure we get rid of that carbon tax,” he vowed Friday. “It’s just a bad tax.”

Lefton stressed that the rules require leadership candidates to support the resolutions passed at party conventions as the “foundation” of Conservative policy.

The People’s Guarantee document, however, was drafted and released by Brown’s office, and would not appear to be specifically covered by that rule.”