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Black Lives Matter flag flies over Vermont school despite backlash

A high school in Vermont’s capital raised a Black Lives Matter flag Thursday morning in honor of Black History Month.

Students at Montpelier High School, where 18 of 350 students are black, took turns raising the flag in a ceremony attended by hundreds of students, staff and community members.

The decision to fly the flag had drawn criticism from Republican state legislator Thomas Terenzini, who told WPTZ this week that the school was setting “a bad example.”

CA Professor: We Must Abolish ‘White Democracy’

In the first speech for Diablo Valley College’s Social Justice Lecture Series for the 2017-2018 academic year, a Diablo Valley College Professor called for the destruction of “white democracy,” painting America as a land dominated by white supremacy while he seemingly tolerated the breaking of the law to abolish the American system.

Albert Ponce opined, “The trajectory of Western Thought … has placed one people supreme above all others … So we begin with the fact that we exist in a white supremacist, patriarchal, heteronormative, capitalist system.”

Stephen King: GOP Train Crash Is ‘Karma’

Leftist reactions to the fatal train crash in Virginia carrying GOP congressman are nothing short of disgusting. Not only are nameless internet trolls celebrating the crash, but also prominent celebrities.

On Wednesday, an Amtrak train carrying Republican members of Congress and staff collided with a garbage truck, resulting in one fatality and dozens of injuries.

Christopher Foley, 28, the passenger in the garbage truck, died from his injuries.

Author Stephen King believes Christopher Foley’s death, a man who had nothing to do with the GOP congressmen on board, was an act of karma.

Was it karma when King was run down by a car a few years ago? Btw King has since apologized but that does not erase his mean-spirited and cruel remarks.

Plurality of Canadians disapprove of removing Sir John A. Macdonald’s name from building and landmarks; wealthiest most strongly opposed

Less than one-third of Canadians support removing the name of the country’s first prime minister Sir John A. Macdonald from schools, museums, and other institutions, according to a new poll from Forum Research, despite renewed criticism over his role in creating the residential school system and advancing discriminatory policies against Indigenous peoples.

The survey results come amid renewed pressure from activists to drop the Sir John A. Macdonald name from public institutions and other facilities because of his role in egregious 19th century policies or actions harmful to Indigenous peoples, including his support of assimilation and creating the residential school system; implementation of the Indian Act; and even the hanging of hanging of Métis political leader Louis Riel.

Racist messages land on campuses in surging numbers

White supremacist groups have targeted college campuses in surging numbers since President Donald Trump’s election, emboldened by political and racial tensions over immigration and other issues, according to a group that monitors extremism and bigotry.

The Anti-Defamation League issued a report Thursday that said racist flyers, banners and stickers were found on college campuses 147 times in fall 2017, a more than threefold increase over the 41 cases reported one year before.