Mark Steyn on Newman vs. Jordan in “What You’re Saying Is”

By now, we’ve probably all heard how psych prof Jordan Peterson politely took down a British talk show host, Cathy Newman, who thought she knew way better than he did what he thought.

But one thing Mark Steyn points out here is that Newman’s studio colleagues thought she had won the encounter and were tweeting to that effect when the tsunami hit.*

The answer to “Can’t we talk about this?” is a flat “No” – not just from Islam, but from the left, the media, the universities, on an ever wider range of subjects. But in this Q&A we do talk about it – from Jordan Peterson on Channel 4 to the FBI tweets to “You’re a racist!” to the Deep State and #MeToo and bad-faith interviewing techniques, concluding with, naturally, forty-foot women from outer space. (audio only)More.

*Afterward, there was some kind of a meltdown at the studio, involving death threats. Things have gotten pretty crazy when Peterson’s commonsensical pop psych theories could create such an uproar. 5.3 million views.

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