Details and background re Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown’s sudden demise

Details via pro-life activist Alissa Golob at YouTube, here the skinny:

PC Party President Rick Dykstra said in an email last night to the party’s legislators, he has requested, and MPPs have agreed, to select an interim leader. The interim leader will serve until a new leader is picked in a leadership election, according to the party’s constitution.

It’s true that nothing has been proven in the court of law as of yet. It’s also true that reporters have been coming forward saying they have been working on stories like this for months, if not years. That they’ve heard allegations and rumours, and were searching to find the truth. The reporters at CTV could not and would not have released such an explosive story if they did not have the proper proof and corroboration.

Golob is not offering Brown much sympathy:

For years social conservatives have complained about Patrick Brown, and rightly so. He made promises to us, then lied and turned his back on us. He courted the so-con vote, and then whipped caucus members to vote in favour of a ridiculous and unnecessary bubble zone law. He disqualified well-rounded candidates, and rigged and controlled nomination meetings.

For every single person who complained about Patrick Brown, who lamented that he needs to go, now is your chance to put your money where your mouth is. More.

Reality check: There are Browns all across North America: Career politicians who cash in by offering to sneer slightly less at the voters who cannot afford* the endless Marxist revolution against historic civil liberties and values — while selling us out.

What no one wants to admit about the Trump win in the US is that he won principally because – whatever else he was – everyone knew he wasn’t that. Could something like it happen in Ontario?

* Note: We are all “the fetus” now. When euthanasia comes on stream big time, many such voters will simply be destroyed, as that will prove easier than making health care sustainable.

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