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Merkel has lost control: Germans start large protests against migrants and open borders

Two large protests against migration have woken up the Germans: On 20 January, at least 2,500 participants were protesting in Cottbus and last Sunday, on 28 January, there was another big protest in Kandel.

The protests started in Cottbus after Syrians attacked several Germans within a matter of days. For example a German man and a German boy were attacked with knives by Syrians. After other incidents, tensions in the town became so high that it stopped the acceptance of new refugees.

MALCOLM: Fight against radical Islamism is about saving our civilization

The West is facing an existential crisis: an insurgency of enemy citizens intent on bringing down our civilization. This threat is exacerbated by a governing class that denies every aspect of this crisis, including our ability to criticize the theocratic ideology driving it.

In order to solve a problem, we must first define it. And to define what we’re up against, our society must be able to engage in a free and open discussion about the threat of Islamist extremism.

Pro-Sovereignty Populists on Course to Dominate European 2018 Elections

After the victory of pro-sovereignty and anti-mass migration Czech President Miloš Zeman at the weekend, many are looking to the three big national elections coming in Europe this year in which populists and pro-sovereignty parties look to dominate in Italy and Hungary and place strongly in Sweden.

Syrian Refugees want to leave Canada due to lack of Government support

In a recent report on CBC some Government sponsored Syrian refugees want to go back to their camps in Jordan.

One mother of a family said they’ve been living in hotel in Toronto for days and were told they weren’t going to have to stay there for such a long time.

Manmade pollutants now blamed for global cooling

The same “climate change” scientists and activists who have claimed for more than three decades that pollutants were driving the planet toward a “global warming” cataclysm are now arguing that human activity is driving the Earth toward artificially cool temperatures.

These environmental alarmists who have driven the multi-billion-dollar climate change agenda throughout the globe – one that is pushed by the United Nations and adopted by numerous member nations – have shifted gears into reverse and currently claim that cleaning up Earth’s atmosphere will result in driving temperatures up.