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The Truth about Immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa

President Trump’s alleged derogatory comments about some African countries have spiked interest in immigrants from those countries to the United States, and there is actually a good deal of data available on these individuals. Overall, immigrants from this part of the world are relatively well-educated, and most can be described as at least middle class. However, this population was much more educated decades ago. Back then they often came as students or to fill high-skill jobs. This produced a population that was small and much more educated than the native-born. But as the visa lottery, refugee resettlement, and family-based chain migration began to dominate the flow of new arrivals, the education level of this population declined relative to the native-born. As a result, a significant share of immigrants from this part of the world now struggle in the United States.

Increase in asylum seekers at border in December as 2017 sets record for claims

December brought a rise in the number of asylum seekers apprehended between formal entry points at the Canada-U.S. border.

New figures from the federal government show 1,978 people were stopped by the RCMP, up from 1,623 the month before.

The majority were stopped in Quebec, with others in Manitoba and British Columbia.

The December crossings still pale in comparison to a spike of over 5,000 people stopped in Quebec alone in August.

The Robot Revolution: Humanoid Potential

Robots are getting better at walking, talking and looking like humans.

But big questions remain: Will we want to spend time with them on a regular basis? And how useful to humans could they become?

David Hanson, the founder of Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics, thinks the true beauty of his creation, Sophia, lies beneath the surface: in her machine-learning capabilities.

“We are building the AI architecture for genuine love,” Mr. Hanson says.

WATCH: NYU Students Slam Trump’s ‘Racist’ SOTU Speech . . . That He Has Yet To Give

Millennials are deeply offended over President Donald Trump’s “racist” State of the Union speech, which he has yet to give.

Campus Reform took to the NYU campus to ask students what they thought about Trump’s address, even though the SOTU was seven days out from the time the video was shot. As you might suspect, the millennials complained about the speech that did not happen, branding it as “racist.”

It’s almost as if they hate Trump without giving him or his policies any real chance.

‘Clearly a crisis’ of sexual harassment on Parliament Hill: Hajdu

There has been a longstanding “crisis” of harassment on Parliament Hill that “allows and perpetuates” abusive behaviour in the workplace.

That was the message Employment Minister Patty Hajdu brought to the House of Commons on Monday as MPs returned for the first time since rising for winter break, and as debate kicked off on a new bill that will require federally-regulated workplaces to put harassment policies in place or face consequences, which could include fines or being named and shamed in the House of Commons.