Defining the Racism and Bigotry of the Liberal Party of Canada and the Case for Exposing It

…I think that the reason that I was a Liberal Party supporter for most of my adult life is that I felt that I was a decent human being and that if you cared about other people, the environment, and people less fortunate than you, then you voted for either the Liberal Party or for the NDP. It wasn’t until I began to look very rationally at the tactics of these political parties, and at the results of their policies and actions, that I was able to see that they didn’t actually care about these things at all. What they actually care about is being in power. The tactics that they use – appealing to your emotions – are simply political tools for gaining that power. What they are saying to you is that if you’re a decent person you’ll vote for them. If you’re mean and nasty then you’ll vote for the Conservatives. Their language is more sophisticated than that, and it’s masked and obfuscated by carefully crafted virtue-signalling, but that is exactly what they are doing.