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Major Swedish Newspapers Set to Editorially Collaborate to Fight ‘Fake News’ Ahead of Election

“We have seen how false statements and apparent news have been widely spread and influenced elections in other countries. To go into the depths of an assertion, and, for example, trace sources of origin, are very resource-intensive. Through this collaboration, more voters can access correct information,” she added.

The project is being funded by the editors themselves, along with money from the Swedish government in the form of a grant from Swedish state fund for research and development Vinnova.

Joe Kennedy to bring transgender soldier to Trump’s State of the Union

Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass.) has invited a transgender soldier to President Trump’s first State of the Union in protest of the administration’s attempt to ban transgender people from the military.

Staff Sgt. Patricia King will be the lawmaker’s guest to Trump’s address, according to the Boston Globe.

King told the Globe that she realized she was a transgender woman while serving in the military, and soon came out to her family.

Trump announced last year that he was banning transgender people from serving in the U.S. military. However, courts have halted the ban and transgender people were allowed to enlist starting Jan. 1.

Doug Ford says he is considering Ontario PC leadership run

Toronto mayoral candidate Doug Ford says he is considering a run for the leadership of the Ontario PC Party.

Sources tell CP24 that Ford will be meeting with possible donors, staff, and supporters today and speaking to CP24 on Sunday, Ford said he could have an answer as early as Monday.

California: Terror-linked CAIR ‘appalled’ 7th-graders see version of Islam that isn’t sanitized

The Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Los Angeles chapter filed an appeal this week on behalf of a Ventura County family whose son received instructional material in his seventh-grade social studies class that berated Muslims and which was taken, the group says, from an anti-Muslim website.

During a press conference Thursday morning, Jan. 11, at CAIR-LA’s Anaheim office, the boy’s parents said their son is afraid and reluctant to go to school since October because he is being bullied by his peers for being Muslim in reaction to the inaccurate statements contained in the history teacher’s instructional material.


Muslims worry that support has ‘fizzled out’ since Quebec City mosque shooting

Four days of commemorative events, leading up to a vigil on Monday expected to include Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, were scheduled to highlight the bridges that have been built since a gunman stormed the mosque and opened fire on an unsuspecting crowd during Sunday evening prayers.

Maryam Bessiri, a member of the organizing committee, said the events were an attempt to “consolidate” the advances that have been made in the last year.

But all is not perfect one year on. Community members say that the initial reaction of Quebeckers and Canadians — a very public display of sympathy and tolerance toward the Muslim community — has not endured.

I particularly enjoyed the reference to 9/11 and the use of the term ‘fizzled out’ .