The March for Life vs. the Pussyhats, in pictures

From Benny Johnson at Daily Caller:

This was my second year in a row observing the two movements up close and editing stories about their similarities and differences. As both movements grow and advance, it’s important to note their cultural and political impact. They are both similar and different in various ways. Both are a gathering of politically passionate men and women from around the country. Both are attended by hundreds of thousands of people. Both have passionate, famous speakers. However, they begin to diverge there.

The March for Life is in its 45th year and has a very specific goal: The overturning of Roe v. Wade. Above all else, the march believes abortion is wrong and should be done away with.

The main uniting force for the two-year-old Women’s March seems to be hatred of President Donald Trump. From there, the values and priorities of the pro-choice, feminist Women’s March are much more diverse. More.

Reality check: It’s pretty obvious from the visuals which side offers society something more attractive than a violent looney bin in the middle of a witch hunt.

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