Is paganism replacing secular humanism?

From A. Castellitto at American Thinker, quoting Peter Jones, a PCA pastor, former professor at Westminster Seminary, and researcher into new age spirituality:

Secular humanism is in decline. We now live in a “post-secular” age which seeks to include in “sophisticated” 21st century thinking the claims of pagan spiritualities that secular intellectuals once considered pure superstition.

The future direction of America and the West in general is towards a so-called “non-binary” egalitarian future utopia, where all distinctions are eliminated and all-is-one “non-binary” peace will reign. This utopian vision involves in particular a decided pagan influence upon both sexuality and spirituality which together express the essence of human existence. In sexuality, every day we hear of the importance of the elimination of the “gender binary,” even taught in our primary schools calling for the elimination of disruptive terms like “boy” and “girl” and normalizing both homosexuality and transgenderism as civil rights and acceptable behavior. This is a “coordinated agenda” because it is possible to speak of the power of “sexual politics” which denies to traditional sexuality any acceptable voice or social place. In the same way, but on a different level, non-dual or non-binary spirituality seeks to eliminate the essential idea of the Creator/creature distinction and our distinction from God our Maker and Redeemer which is the essence of the Christian faith, a faith which is more and more under attack. Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, in particular, was essential in the development of this so-called new spirituality. He espoused a pagan ideology that emphasized the joining of opposites, and thus relativized right and wrong, male and female, and other relationships. More.

Reality check: Jones is onto something there. Secular humanism is hard work. Paganism can simply be crazy until it all collapses. The barista, hopelessly in debt for four years of Victimhood Studies, will be much more attracted to paganism. That’s bad news for rational thinking about civil liberties.

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Can science survive long in a post-modern world? It’s not clear.