But why does Conrad Black think that progressivism was ever about “real justice” anyway?

From Conrad Black at National Post,

The great and redoubtable Margaret Atwood, who has few rivals as the greatest novelist in Canadian history, and has been an impeccable but reasonable feminist all her career, entirely consistent and often courageous, has been rounded upon as a turncoat for having the temerity to ask for due process before the University of British Columbia condemned and fired professor Steven Galloway for misbehaviour with publicly unspecified women, including a student of Galloway’s. The whole process was secretive and gave Galloway very curtailed rights to make his case and the verdict was initially opposed by distinguished native novelist Joseph Boyden, who recruited other writers, including Atwood. The more militant feminist community, forgetting or ignoring the fact that Margaret Atwood had carried water on both shoulders for their cause for nearly 50 years, attacked her as if she was a fellow traveller of male chauvinism, and a critic of no distinction. More.

Reality check: So now Margaret Atwood is being fed to the blender. So? Progressivism is how narrow, dull, and unhappy people get their own back against a free and talented world by simply destroying alternatives. They can always find an inarticulate but ultra-Correct person to be the Great Canadian Novelist who turns students off literature for good.

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