A palace coup: the 48-hour struggle to win control of the Ontario PC Party

“…Then there was a 4 p.m. call between nominated candidates and party executive members. They made it clear they wanted to see a leadership convention before the June election. Phillips was a key voice in this.

That message was then communicated to an official executive meeting. It was not received well. At least, not by a handful of caucus members who made it clear they didn’t want a leadership before the election. They were afraid that union activists, social conservatives and “right wingers,” as one source put it, would take the reins of the party.”

The seeds of a power struggle formed. The grassroots wanted a say and the elites wanted to shut them out.

Right wingers and Union activists? Together again! I am not at all in doubt that this occurred. I won’t be be voting for the alleged conservative party, their Brain Trust is Brain Dead.

“At the time of publication, the latest news was that the executive wanted to make it a rule that the new leader had to campaign based on the election platform crafted by Patrick Brown, The People’s Guarantee.”

See what I mean? DOA.