Tommy Robinson: Ali Dawah & Far Left Risking Innocent Families’ Lives

If you follow my Twitter, you will have seen by now that a Muslim YouTuber who calls himself ‘Ali Dawah’ has been repeatedly trying to get me to debate with him. I offered him the chance to debate me, and hold a charity boxing event, but he rejected it. Instead, Ali began a campaign to find out my address, and risk the lives of my children.

I live in secrecy. I have had multiple Osmond warnings from the police, which means there is a genuine threat against my life. My wife and children are innocent, and have nothing to do with the political work I do, and yet they are in danger. And recently, thanks to Ali Dawah publicly announcing the address of a property my parents used to own, an innocent family’s lives have been put in danger.

Not only that, but a team of far-left activists have jumped on board, and are threatening to stab me, my wife, and my children. And I have a question for the police – why aren’t you doing anything? Why have I spent years facing these threats, only to have them shrugged off?