How Patrick Brown’s downfall reveals the challenges of vetting candidates

The allegations of sexual misconduct against former Ontario Conservative leader Patrick Brown raise questions about the vetting process for political candidates and whether enough scrutiny is being applied to those seeking office.

But some political strategists say parties, with limited resources, can only do so much investigating, and that it often comes down to trust.

“Vetting ultimately relies a lot on honesty,” said Kathleen Monk, an NDP campaign strategist and principal at Earnscliffe Strategy Group. “Ultimately, it’s up to the candidate themselves to kind of be truthful with the party to ensure that there’s no reputational harm that will come to the party as a result of things they’ve done in the past.”

Even a minimum effort would be appreciated. Brown revealed himself as a scheming liar after securing the leadership. If as suggested Mr. Gropey’s activities were an open secret he should have been called on it. The problem here is the Conservative party “Brain Trust” lacks both.