Trudeau buckles: “No female genital mutilation” to stay in new citizenship guide, according to reports

From Spencer Fernando:

It appears that the Trudeau government is going to bow to massive pressure and sustained outrage, and will keep the warning against female genital mutilation (FGM) in the New Citizens Guide.

The situation probably went like this: Trudeau and his ministers were hell-bent on removing the FGM condemnation. Then, backbench MPs started getting contacted by outraged constituents, and started worrying about their re-election chances. Then, they applied pressure within the government, forcing Trudeau and Hussen to back down.

That brings us to the second point: While it’s good that this reversal appears to be happening, the fact that the government had to be pressured into it is an absolute disgrace, and it revealed Trudeau’s ‘feminist’ rhetoric as a pathetic joke.More.

Reality check: It’s not a joke. It’s perfectly logical. Feminism today is mainly about live baby dismemberment. All Trudeaupia knows this. And knows that people in danger will still vote for them.

Of course those people could free themselves at any time, just as the frog could jump out of the hot water at any time… but right now it’s only slightly uncomfortable for most of the frogs.

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Abortion: Reflecting on the “hard cases” Whether Trudeau is violating the religious groups’ freedom? Yes he is, and they all badly need their noses rubbed in what progressivism actually is. Stripped of blather, in this case, it is about implicating everyone in live baby dismemberment. And whatever else progressives think up later.  To the extent that the groups’ members ever vote Liberal at all, it doesn’t matter what Trudeau does to them.