Here are the contenders for the Ontario PC leadership as an election looms

Former Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown’s abrupt resignation in response to allegations of sexual misconduct has left the PCs with less than four months to find a new leader before the campaign kicks off for the provincial election set for June 7.

The scramble comes as the Tories had been leading the Liberals in most polls, and appeared poised to give the long-governing Liberals a serious challenge in the upcoming vote.

The Brain Trust of the Conservative Party’ ideal candidate:

A male to female or female to male transgender who is Gay Gay Gay for Mass Immigration, Gay Gay Gay for diversity & multiculturalism, Gay Gay Gay for Abortion, Gay Gay Gay for Brothels in elementary schools, Gay Gay Gay for Black Lives Matter, Gay Gay Gay For predatory public service unions, Gay Gay Gay for Sharia and last but not least someone who is not in any sense a conservative and for God’s sake it must hate Donald Trump with a blinding passion.