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Canada doubles funding to educate world’s children

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced Canada will double its annual contribution to provide education for children, and especially girls, in developing countries. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, he said Canada will contribute $180 million to the Global Partnership for Education for 2018-2020.

“Canada is committed to making sure young people around the world, especially girls, get the education they deserve,” said Trudeau in a news release. “A quality basic education is one of the most important things we can do for children, and the path forward to a more gender equal, peaceful, prosperous world.”

HEAD OF THE SNAKE: How Obama Made Sure Hillary Was Not Indicted In Email Scandal

A new analysis from former assistant U.S. attorney Andy McCarthy thoroughly explains how former President Barack Obama made sure that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was not indicted in the criminal investigation into her use of a private email server.

In his most recent column, National Review’s McCarthy argues that the decision not to indict Clinton was Obama’s call — not the FBI’s and not the Department of Justice’s — as Obama used a pseudonymous email account to communicate with Clinton on her non-secure email account.

Trudeau Liberals Bow To Massive Pressure, Say They Will Keep Warning Against FGM In New Citizenship Guide

There was massive and sustained outrage after it was revealed the Trudeau government planned to remove condemnation of the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation in the New Citizens Guide.

The Guardian Claims Brexit Is a ‘Threat to LGBT Rights’

The Guardian has claimed Brexit is a “threat to LGBT rights,” and that LGBT people will “be vulnerable once again” when Britain leaves the European Union.

In the article, Jonathan Cooper OBE claimed that leaving the European Union puts LGBT people “at risk,” despite noting that Britain does have its own Equality Act which enforces the equal treatment of LGBT people.

Canadians don’t need a Liberal values test

It’s pretty obvious what’s going on with the Canada Summer Jobs Grant scandal. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants us to all think like him. He is so adamant that it’s his way or the highway, that he won’t even let faith groups receive grants for summer students without literally signing on the dotted line that they’re on board with his sunny ways agenda.