The EU—Europe’s New Nazis: The European Union’s War against Free Speech and European Culture

The European Union and the principal leaders of its supporting member nations are straining every nerve and turning over every rock to stamp out any vestige of the National Socialist (Nazi) Third Reich of Adolf Hitler. Indeed, the Third Reich exhibited many brutal and objectionable totalitarian characteristics, which no free and enlightened people should tolerate. Yet there is now a bitter irony brewing in Europe. The dominant leaders of the EU should simply look in the mirror and see how closely the EU now resembles many of the totalitarian aspects of Hitler’s Germany. The European Union has now evolved into a totalitarian goliath, which suppresses free speech, political opposition, and the religious freedom of Christians and Jews. It wields its powers of economic sanction, relentless media and social propaganda, and even EU member courts and police forces like a sword to marginalize, criminalize, and punish dissent.

At the heart of much of the European Union’s new despotisms has been the unwise welcome of a massive wave of Islamic migration for cheap labor. They have also used forced quotas for the integration of Islam into European communities to dilute and degrade traditional national and regional cultures. They have used the usual mindless sloganeering and cultural Marxist tools of multiculturalism and coercive forms of diversity to undermine traditional values.