Tales from fantasy feminism: Female meteorologists fret about being seen as “weather girls”

From the Weather Network:

The unqualified TV “weather personality” is a thing of the past. The people who deliver your weather updates today are typically well-versed in the study of meteorology and the technologies that support it. Many even have degrees in the field — so why do we still refer to female meteorologists as “weather girls”?

Some of your most-trusted meteorologists are using their voices to speak out against what some feel is a discrediting phrase in hopes of sparking an industry-wide conversation.

The term “weather girl” is an expression that dates back to the 1950s, when the physical appearance of female weather presenters was often placed above their actual weather knowledge.More.

Reality check: I can’t remember when I last heard the term “weather girl.”

At one time, most of us listened to the weatherman/weather girl on radio or TV because, impatient as we might be, there was no other way of getting the information.

So many people I know just read the figures and bulletins at the weather site for themselves. How much do we need to know beyond stuff like: 10 cm snow, starting approx 8:00 pm?

A recent model car will tell us the outside temperature. If it also offers onboard forecasts/bulletins, they must be stripped of patter for safe driving.

Females who report the weather today can call themselves meteorologists or weather girls as they wish. But the internet, not male chauvinist pigs, made them a frill.

I wish women who are concerned about being seen as scientific would pay more attention to the current assault on science on behalf of end-stage feminism.

See also: Objectivity is sexist.

Algebra is racist.

Social justice warriors hit engineering. This is what happens when scientists come to believe that consciousness is an illusion and objectivity is sexist. A friend notes that this trend will spread like a skin disease through the ranks of the people marchin’, marchin’ for science. Demanding more and more funding for less and less science. Convinced that the doubts they keep running into are merely prejudice…


Marchin’, marchin’ for Science (Hint: the problems are back at your desk, not out in the streets)