Local woman makes good: Raheel Raza declared affiliated with anti-Muslim ‘hate groups,’ by Minnesotan DFLers

Minnesota DFLers say Raheel Raza, affiliated with ‘hate groups,’ should not speak at Capitol

Minnesota House DFLers are calling on Republican Rep. Roz Peterson to rescind an invitation to an activist who is associated with two organizations the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as “anti-Muslim hate groups.”

Raheel Raza, who is affiliated with ACT for America and the Clarion Project, is scheduled to visit the State Capitol on Wednesday. Peterson said Tuesday she does not intend to rescind her invitation.

Raza’s website describes her as an “intercultural and interfaith diversity consultant, author, public speaker.” But House Minority Leader Melissa Hortman sent Peterson a letter Tuesday calling Raza an extremist.

“Ms. Raza’s hateful agenda includes closing mosques, enforcing a Muslim ban, rejecting refugees and policing the practice of the Islamic faith,” Hortman, D-Brooklyn Park, said in the letter.