Alleged PC Leader Patrick Brown denies claims of sexual assault by two women

Crocodile tear time video below… 6 senior staff members have resigned after Patrick Brown declined their advice to resign.

Why? Did they do so to protect their own reputations rather than die fighting to salvage Brown’s leadership?

Were they privy to information the public hasn’t been made aware of yet and based their decision on damning evidence?

Did they just decide that this battle was unwinnable given the trial by public outrage that ensues whenever a #MeToo moment like this arises and scramble for the exits?

Did they finally realize they were backing the wrong horse all along and jump ship at the 1st opportunity? Did it finally dawn on them that Brown is a deceitful scammer?

Was he pushed or was he shoved? Claims are being made that Brown’s escapades ( it’s rumoured there are others) were an open secret. That may be gossip or it may indicate someone got even with a leader who was less than revered by many. We’ll have to wait and see if other allegations surface but what does that say about the Conservative party that such an “open secret” can be elected leader?.

Many already planned to sit this one out or vote for alternative parties this election thanks to Brown’s “leadership”. If Brown remains many more will follow that path.

Patrick Brown denies sexual misconduct allegations from two women

OTTAWA – Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown is facing serious allegations of sexual misconduct from two women who spoke to CTV News. In interviews, the women allege inappropriate behavior by the rising political figure throughout his tenure as an elected official.

One was still in high school when she says Brown, a well-known Barrie politician, asked her to perform oral sex on him.

The other, a university student who worked in his office when Brown was a federal Conservative MP, alleges Brown sexually assaulted her following an event she helped organize.

Brown’s lawyer has responded, saying that Brown “categorically denies these false and defamatory allegations.”

He cried like a girl. Twitter

Multiple Brown staff members have resigned after Brown refused their advice to step down as PC leader.

Press Secretary quits because Brown would not resign.