Today in “under reported racialized minority get me on the victimhood gravy train griping” ….

Inner Mongolian gripes…

In a city of accents, what’s considered ‘cute’ versus ‘foreign’ reveals a hierarchy

At the end of the semester, Yunxiang Gao is rated by her students in an anonymous evaluation. They mention the course load, her lecture style and at times — her accent.

They write that they never got “used to it.”

For much of her adult life, Gao lived in North America. First to pursue a PhD at the University of Iowa and later, living and teaching in Toronto. But like nearly 23 per cent of Canadians, as data from the 2016 Census shows, English is not her mother tongue.

It’s not your student’s fault they find your Inner Mongolian accent difficult to understand, get over it. Besides it’s nobody’s fault that people just prefer the mellifluous tones of Outer Mongolia.