Mum told to ‘get out more’ after she tries to ban ‘inappropriate’ nursery rhyme

If the song sparks an acknowledgement of this tragedy then it is worth keeping alive.

“I always thought it was good for hand eye coordination,” said another mum. “Luckily nobody in my play groups have suffered flashbacks from cotton mills.”

A mum has asked for advice on a popular nursery rhyme.

In the latest topic of debate on Mumsnet , ‘coconutella’ posed the question: “To believe ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’ is inappropriate and to ask my child’s nursery not to sing it.”

If you’re not aware of the children’s ditty, it’s a simple, repetitive song about winding up a bobbin while weaving/sewing.

Coconutella thinks the song is outdated and offensive to the memory of those who toiled for little pay in the textile towns in the north of England.