Abortion: Reflecting on the “hard cases”

From Kristan Hawkins at USA Today,

As team after team came in to evaluate my son and order more diagnostic tests, I couldn’t help but think about the value and importance they placed on his life.

Yet sadly, I’m sure many of the doctors and nurses who cared for my son during this recent 11-day hospital stay would say that his life would have had no value nine years ago when he was alive, turning and kicking, in my womb. When asked whether they are “pro-life” or “pro-choice,” many would reply “pro-choice” and then go on to articulate in what cases and circumstances abortion should be permitted and even celebrated. More.

Reality check: Meanwhile, in Canada, Trudeau’s demand that everyone embrace live baby dismemberment if they want summer jobs grants “defies common sense”:

But requiring applicants to attest they agree with the Liberal Party’s position on abortion in the funding application form has aggravated church and faith groups far beyond the targeted anti-abortion activists. Even the pro-choice group that originally urged the government to cut off those groups from funding — the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada — now says the government should back down and remove the attestation requirement on the funding application, so that religious groups can access the program.

In Mississauga this week, representatives from the Muslim, Sikh, Jewish, Hindu and Christian communities met to discuss whether the government is violating their religious freedom. (John Ivison, National Post)

Whether Trudeau is violating their religious freedom? Yes, of course he is, and it has nothing to do with common sense. These people badly need their noses rubbed in what progressivism actually is before worse happens. Stripped of blather, this is about implicating everyone in live baby dismemberment.

And in whatever else progressives think up later. Do religious people think it will be any different with euthanasia? We are all “the fetus” now.

I’ve said this before: Progressivism usually ends in mass murder. Most societies reach an equilibrium because they seek accommodation with human nature. Progressivism seeks to transform human nature and thus becomes progressively more violent as its failures mount.

Alas, people think we can meet progressives halfway, but we cannot. There is no point at which the progressive can stop because his war is with reality. Like the reality of the living child.

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