Our American Friend: Media still avoiding the T-word

From our American friend John Gilmore at Alpha News,

The common trait that links local media coverage of this crime is that no outlet used the word terrorism. Why is that? Plainly the woman used violence in the hope of harming innocent people–including children–on behalf of explicitly stated political goals. By any measure that is the textbook definition of terrorism.

On the same day Hassan was being arraigned for terrorism, Stephen Montemayor of the Star Tribune led a confab for the Minnesota Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (stifle your laughter, please) which featured the preeminent hate group in the nation, the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC is a far left, lavishly funded group that promiscuously labels any group with which it disagrees a “hate group.” Only Regressive Left journalists in the Twin Cities would consider it to be a neutral arbiter of anything. In addition, “researchers” from Pro Publica, another far left political group masquerading as an impartial non-profit, taught attendees its version of “hate crimes.” The result isn’t journalism, to the extent such a thing still exists, but rank propaganda that should be treated accordingly. More.

Reality check: One way of looking at it is this: Media amassed considerable social power when they represented what the average person was thinking. Whatever you or might think about them, they just aren’t doing that any more. News media that can’t report news jostle late-night comics whose meltdowns over Donald Trump are just not funny or even interesting.

Now that we know who the winners aren’t, we need to focus on who they are. What media do we really need?

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