New York Times called Trump a racist but no one really cared

Like we have been noticing. From Scott Greer at Daily Caller,

There is, however, a major problem with liberals deploying the racism charge against Trump and his supporters: their targets seem unfazed by it. Trump, for instance, responded to the charges with this exaggerated statement, “I’m the least racist person you will ever interview.”

Trump’s supporters aren’t buying the media line that he is a racist and appear to see it as a cynical political tool to benefit the Democrats. If they watched Durbin’s Monday comments, they would have a good reason to believe that.

Rather than undermining Trump, the charges from the media are deflating the power of calling someone a racist. Americans aren’t coming to view the reluctance towards letting in more third world immigrants as a racist view. Instead, they begin to doubt the veracity of racism accusations and become more immune to facing those charges themselves. More.

Reality check: It’s fascinating to watch. And the reason their accusations matter so little is that most people today can get the news we need and want without them and their accusations. And that does not seem to have sunk in with them yet.

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