Liberal HuffPost scraps contributor network

From Brian Flood at FoxNews,

The HuffPost is shutting down its controversial contributor blogging network as it faces a $23.5 million lawsuit for libel and negligent injury based on a since-deleted article published by a member of that system.

“The platform, which launched in May 2005, was a revolutionary idea at the time: give a megaphone to lots of people — some famous, some completely unknown — to tell their stories,” HuffPost Editor in Chief Lydia Polgreen wrote on Thursday.

Polgreen didn’t mention the eight-figure lawsuit in her explanation, instead blaming the rise of other outlets such as Twitter, Medium and LinkedIn that allow people to publicly express their opinions.

“The reasons I wrote the story are hard to explain — the circumstances around which it were written are complicated,” Chiakulas wrote. “I rushed out that article and was thrust into the middle of this. In hindsight, it was a bad way to go about it.”More.

Reality check: He sank a lot of ships. That said, it’s not clear, at least to some of us, what HuffPost was supposed to do anyway that Blogger and WordPress don’t do better. One WordPress blog is not much affected by what another does.

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