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Trudeau’s Refusal To Apologize For Spreading False Hijab Attack Story Shows He Assumes The Worst About Canadians

Justin Trudeau immediately assumed that the incident was true – even without confirmation – and spread a false story worldwide.

Justin Trudeau loves giving apologies.

So why hasn’t he apologized for spreading the false Hijab attack story?

What would have likely remained a local or national story, instead became an international story, as the PM weighed in both on Twitter to his millions of followers, and in a press conference.

Man Who Offered Reward For Info On Seth Rich Murder Is Attacked By Unknown Assailant

A Republican strategist and lobbyist who offered a financial reward for information on the murder of Democratic staffer Seth Rich was violently attacked earlier this week at his home by an unknown assailant.

It wasn’t Hillary; she doesn’t make mistakes.

The Squid That Sink to the Ocean’s Floor When They Die

In a paper published recently in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Dr. Hoving and colleagues at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, where he was formerly a researcher, described happening upon the remains of 64 squid and squid egg cases during dives with a remotely operated vehicle or ROV in Mexico’s Gulf of California. If squid in other locations are also found to drift to the bottom like this, they may play a previously unidentified part in the ocean’s role as a storage place for carbon, which could have implications for the study of climate change.

The bottom of the ocean is the new hotspot for climate change evidence. 

Julian Assange warns of ‘political propaganda’ as Amazon’s Alexa becomes feminist

Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa has just received an enhanced personality: now, not only can she give you the correct answers, but can even offer a response in case of insults and personal attacks. Creators also expect that she could potentially express her own opinions on certain political issues, a move that has prompted criticism.

‘Even refugees with a university degree have an IQ of only 93′

The EU and mainstream media said Europe’s ageing population needed migrants to rejuvenate its workforce.

If their statement was correct, then the results of the migrant crisis would’ve been great: Hundreds of thousands of migrant should have been gainfully employed by now.

The reality, however, is totally different. For example in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands between 80 and 99 percent of migrants are unemployed after sometimes more than a year.

Hillary: The FISA Memo Tour