Because Americans love to be bitched at by foreigners! NY Times Teams Up With French Fashion Designers To Thwart Trump

Etudes studios owners Aurelien Arbet (L) and Jeremie Egry (C) and designer Jose Lamali are the backbone of the New York Times assault on Trump.

Paris fashion stood up for press freedom Saturday with two brands linking up with the New York Times to show their unease at Donald Trump’s attacks on the media.
Japanese brand Sacai and French label Etudes used slogans from the newspaper’s “The Truth is Hard” advertising campaign on their clothes in their men’s winter collections.

Sacai designer Chitose Abe included all 19 lines of the declaration issued by the Times last February, to defend itself and other outlets from persistent attacks by the US president, on the back of a T-shirt and hoodie. She wore a black one herself emblazoned with the Times’ logo and the lines,”Truth. It’s more important now than ever.”

New York Times + French Fashion Designers are why Trump won.