Guy who wears women’s clothes sues over “ordeal” in male prison

One of Britain’s most prominent transgender activists is embroiled in an extraordinary legal battle with the Ministry of Justice, in a landmark discrimination case.

Tara Hudson, a trans woman, was sent to a male prison in 2015, prompting a national outcry with more than 150,000 people signing a petition calling for her to be moved to a women’s jail. Hudson is suing the MoJ for damages, alleging that her status as a woman was ignored when she was imprisoned, that she suffered sexual assault during her incarceration and that she was placed in an atmosphere that was “intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating and offensive”.

Her lawyers are also seeking a declaration from the court that Hudson was discriminated against, potentially the first time the MoJ has been found guilty of mistreating a prisoner on the basis of gender reassignment.

Here’s a thought…don’t break the law & stay out of prison.