Conservative speakers are healthy for diversity

“…Berkeley takes pride in its diversity. UC Berkeley has a vice chancellor with an entire staff and a great amount of resources dedicated to promoting diversity. Their website states that they provide “leadership, accountability & inspiration to the UC Berkeley campus in integrating equity, inclusion, and diversity into all aspects of university life.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t always seem as if the admirable inclusion is always extended to campus conservatives.

Consider this: After the Shapiro event, the Division of Equity & Inclusion posted a statement on their website titled “Taking Back Our First Amendment.” In the statement, they claim to “stand resolutely against the white supremacist agenda and the use of hate speech of all kinds. (They) call out purveyors of hate and bigotry who harass, target, and stalk others. (They) oppose the defacement of our campus with slogans and symbols that are in stark contrast to the values we hold.” The problem with this statement is that not one thing in Shapiro’s speech nor in any of his writings (nor in any of the values embraced by BCR) supports any bigotry or white supremacy. In this case, the only hate was directed at conservatives, by an arm of the university, for openly expressing political ideas.”