Trudeau is asking religious Canadians to betray their conscience for federal funding

The Liberals have applied an ideological purity test to their applications for summer job grants

Thousands of years ago, before Christians could practice their faith legally, they often faced persecution from the Roman government. If captured, however, a suspected Christian could avoid punishment by performing a simple sacrifice dedicated to the emperor.

To stay on the authority’s good side, some Christians crossed their fingers (a concealed symbol of their true allegiance to Jesus) and complied with the government’s request. They rationalized that a coerced physical action didn’t compromise their true belief.

Most early Christians disagreed with that position. They felt “truth” had “set them free.” They would not betray the truth.

Today Christians in Canada, especially those ascribing to a more traditional faith, are being asked to cross their fingers and comply with a government decree. In this contemporary case, though, it’s a bit of money — not their lives — hanging in the balance.