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French Prisons ‘Don’t Have Resources’ to Deal With Jihadist Inmates

Prison guards from penal institutions across France spilled into the streets this week in protests following last week’s stabbing attack against guards at the Vendin-le-Vieil Prison by an ex al-Qaeda inmate. Sputnik spoke to a guard union representative from the Fleury-Merogis Prison to get to the bottom of the protesters’ demands.

Monday’s demonstrations at the Fleury-Merogis prison in the Paris suburbs saw about a hundred guards gathering to voice their concerns, chant slogans, and burn wooden pallets in protest against the rise of inmate violence against guards, insufficient staff, and a lack of legal and other resources to deal with the dangerous ex-jihadists they have been tasked with jailing.

Under Trudeau, Pay For Bureaucratic Bosses Is Rising Fast

Trudeau is using our tax dollars to enrich the entitled government elites at the top of the bureaucracy, while private sector workers and front-line public sector workers get far less.

A new report reveals that top-level bureaucrats are getting big pay increases under the Trudeau government, far above what most other private sector and public sector workers are getting.

Gay couple who ordered wedding programs got religious pamphlets about Satan instead: lawsuit

The day before their wedding in September, Stephen Heasley and Andrew Borg received a package containing what they thought would be the programs for their ceremony.

“Celebration,” their design said in bold letters at the top. “Welcome to Andrew & Stephen’s wedding.”

But when they opened the package, they say, they found 80 copies of a religious pamphlet instead of the 100 copies of the wedding program they had ordered. The pamphlet spoke ominously of sin, lust and temptation, according to a lawsuit they filed in United States District Court in Massachusetts.

2017 was the second hottest year on record, NASA says. And it wasn’t even an El Nino year

Earth’s long-term warming trend continued in 2017, government scientists reported Thursday, with average surface temperatures only slightly below the record heat of the previous year. But unlike 2016, last year’s warmth was not aided by El Nino, the Pacific weather pattern that is usually linked to record-setting heat.

NASA ranked 2017 as the second-warmest year, after 2016. Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, who use a different analytical method, ranked it third, behind 2016 and 2015. Though 2015 was not technically an El Nino year, the phenomenon contributed to heat records that year and in 2016.

Ontario school boards cut funding to theatre program over gay prom play content

Two school boards in southwestern Ontario have cut funding to a local youth theatre program after officials decided a play depicting the true story of a gay teen couple fighting to attend prom contained inappropriate content.

Organizers of the Grand Theatre’s High School Project in London, Ont., said they were disappointed to learn the Thames Valley District School Board and London Catholic District School Board would withhold a combined $30,000 from the theatre’s upcoming production of the play “Prom Queen.”