My Time With Linda Sarsour

Recently, the #MeToo movement has hit home to just about everyone all over the world. One particular story that caught my attention was hearing Terry Crews comes out to talk about how he was sexually assaulted. For a woman, it is hard at times to discuss assaults such as these, but to watch a man speaks up as well, this might have been twice as hard. That made me think, if he can tell the world what he had been through, then it’s time for me to tell my story as well.

Watching this whole movement brought me flash backs of what I had been through when I worked at a non-profit in 2009 in Brooklyn, New York. In fact, I’d say it started a bit before that – the flash backs – when I have heard about the women’s march because of one particular name that was tied in with the organization of the march, Linda Sarsour.