“Mama, I’ve left to join ISIS.”

This woman’s teen daughter left Montreal to join Daesh. For three years, she made it her mission to get her out

MONTREAL—Saeeda was at work when she got the message: “Mama, I’ve left to join ISIS.”

There are no words, Saeeda says, to describe how she felt on that November 2014 afternoon. It was as if her teenage daughter had just died and Saeeda’s life would now be defined in two acts: Before she learned her daughter left Canada for Syria, and after.

“I, I cried out. I yelled,” she says. “I didn’t know what to do. I started to slap my knees . . . I just kept doing it.”

As concerned colleagues surrounded her, Saeeda went numb.

Let the Kurds exact justice from the little psychopath, she should not be allowed back in Canada.