History walk 2010: Aqsa Parvez (honour killing victim) and the feminists

As we debate M103, anyone remember Mary Rogan, Toronto Life, and Aqsa Parvez? Rogan was attacked by feminists for covering an honour killing as if it were a serious crime instead of a lack of cultural sensitivity.

From Toronto Life:

Revisiting Aqsa Parvez: Q&A with Mary Rogan

How did you feel about the intense reaction to your story?

I was maybe a little naive going in. I got caught up in getting to know Aqsa and understanding her struggle. My goal was to humanize her—I wanted the reader to know her. When the criticism came out, especially the accusations of Islamophobia and cultural insensitivity, I was quite staggered. I expected I might get direct criticism from the Muslim community but didn’t. Instead, it came from Toronto feminist groups. There were protests, there were on-line debates and ugly postings saying that the conclusions I had drawn, even if they weren’t wrong, were racist, and this story was another example of the growing persecution of Muslims in North America. I was very shocked by the idea that feminists would be aligning themselves with conservative Muslims. I certainly see it now all the time. More.

Reality check: One fears that the dirty little secret about feminism is that it was never about women’s rights but about dismembering live babies. As long as feminists still have that, we won’t hear much from them.

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