Why Would a Young Girl Make up an Anti-Muslim Attack?

Hijabi hoax girl and TDSB enabler.

What makes a young Canadian Muslim girl make up a hate crime against herself?

Last week in Toronto, 11-year old Khawlah Noman told police she was on her way to her (public) school when she felt a man trying to cut her hijab with scissors. She said she screamed and ran away, but the man returned 10 minutes later and attacked her again.

After an investigation, which we can assume was thorough (since it wasn’t challenged), the police concluded that the incident never happened.

But before the story was vetted, the girl and her mother were up in front of the media, which promptly decried its outrage and disgust over such an “Islamophobic” display of racism against Muslims.

The useful idiots of our virtue signaling class enable THE BIG LIE of Islamophobia so no one should be surprised that even an 11 year old girl is smart enough to use it to her advantage.