Four minutes: Mark Steyn on the awesome monopoly of Google and Facebook

And how even Republican politicians wimp out and other types suck up (for a chance to use these private powers as thought police.)

Reality check: Quite apart from never voting for progressives, those who would reman free must start and/or maintain the process of constantly trimming “conservatives” who are hesitant to confront the monopoly (a “duopoly” really) because they are not serious about freedom.

Inside any movement to regain traditional freedoms are actors who would just like to make that movement their private plantation. Freedom is always the Big Someday…

Thy dying legacy mainstream media are bit players now. We should cover them as a key way of observing how an institution can remain alive while irrelevant.

See also: Derek Hunter: We live in stupid times “What’s true and what’s fiction doesn’t matter because as that cable news personality basically put it, it fit what they all believe to be the case. We are now in a time where what is news is determined by the “spidey sense” of activists with media credentials.”


Finally, some realism about Trump’s Twitter presidency