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CNN: MLK Was a Socialist ‘Before it Was Cool’

Today we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., and how is CNN celebrating? By promoting socialism. The CNN website features a piece “Three Ways MLK Speaks to Our Time,” and one of the three is “he was a socialist before it was cool.”

“There was a time in American politics when calling someone a socialist was a slur,” the piece begins. “Not anymore, at least for many younger Americans who are developing a distrust of capitalism”

Kelly McParland: Our flippant prime minister simply won’t tolerate differing views

Justin Trudeau has a profound respect for Canada’s charter of rights, not surprisingly given his father’s role in introducing it. Too bad he doesn’t seem to understand it.

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Hamilton, Ont., the prime minister dismissed what he referred to as the “kerfuffle around the Canada Summer Jobs program.”

University Of Hawaii Profs Complain About Constantly Being Missile Targets

“There are so many ways in which we’re targeted every day—not just by missiles but also the way our language is targeted, our history is targeted, our people who can’t afford to live in our homeland are targeted,” said Goodyear-Kaʻōpua. “On top of that we have a layer of intense militarization that impacts our lands and waters every day and also makes us a target for the kind of aggression that we have provoked.”

Oregon: Quran instructor arrested on 7 counts of sex abuse on underage girls; police suspect more victims

A man who ran a business that provided private instruction on the Quran is accused of sexually abusing two underage students.

Muhammad L. Hasan, 50, of Corvallis, was indicted by a Washington County grand jury last week. He was arrested on seven counts of sex abuse Wednesday.

MANIPULATIVE: Trudeau Statement On Fake Hijab Attack Calls It “A Warning Sign Of Increased Intolerance”

Almost immediately after the story of a hijab attack was reported, Justin Trudeau made comments both on Twitter and at a public event.

His comments helped spread the story far and wide, turning it into an international incident.

Yet, Trudeau commented without actually knowing the facts, and it has now been revealed as a hoax.

So, is Trudeau apologizing for spreading the big lie?