An attacker did not cut her hijab, police say. But why did the TDSB let the tearful 11-year-old face the cameras?

Days after an 11-year-old girl alleged that a man cut her hijab, twice, Toronto police have concluded that the events “did not happen.”

In a statement released Monday, the police, who had been investigating the alleged incident involving the Grade 6 student at Pauline Johnson Junior Public School as a hate crime, said the investigation is now concluded.

But why, less than four hours after the initial police report, did the Toronto District School Board let the tearful 11-year-old girl — with her mother, grandmother, 10-year-old brother and Shari Schwartz-Maltz, TDSB manager for media relations and issues management, standing close by — face television cameras and throngs of reporters who broadcast and tweeted her extraordinary story to national, and international, attention?

The TDSB is run by radical leftists who have promoted everything from the vile slur that only whites can be racist to the psychopath Che Guevara to sex with vegetables. They will jump at any opportunity to further the divide and conquer agenda that is central to the “diversity and multiculturalism” kool-aid they force students to drink. Minorities are taught they are victims of Canada’s racist society so it should come as no surprise that Hijab Hoax Girl determined that crying “Islamophobia” would easily hoodwink TDSB staff.

I don’t believe this was any grand conspiracy by the girl’s parents or that anyone else “put her up to it”, though certainly her parents, community, the TDSB, our whorish politicians and the ever reliable media enabled her.  She simply sought to take advantage of what she has been taught: Muslims are always the victims of Canada’s inherently “Islamophobic” society.  When you teach entitlement victimhood it should come as no surprise that everyone from kids to race baiting grifters will be quick to take advantage of it. Look no further than Motion M103, the effort by Justin’s Muslim handlers to enforce sharia law and criminalize Canadians who criticize the cult of Islam.

This message was reinforced by the statements made by  Trudeau, Wynne and Tory once news broke that they had been gamed by an 11 year old girl. Each took the opportunity to remind Canadians that they are racists. None condemned the hoax and none will ever condemn the divisive and dangerous program of privileged victimhood that perversely educated the little hoaxer and that they enthusiastically use to scam ethnic votes.