Justin Trudeau’s Canada – Where 11 yr. Old’s Are Cagey Enough To Play The Islamophobia Card

So the scissor attack on an 11 year old girl that spawned a near non-stop slew of virtue-signaling has turned out to be a fake.

Who is responsible for this? The Islamophobia industry is, aided and abetted by the likes of PM Useful Idiot, John Tory, Kathleen Wynne, the radically leftist TDSB and all the other vote whores who have granted Islam special status and who never miss an opportunity to remind Canadians they are Islamophobes. The media are equally complicit, always eager to scream Islamophobia, eager to curry favour with the politicians they cheer-lead for and who in most cases are willfully blind to the daily litany of horror spread by the alleged “Religion of Peace”.

Why does an 11 year old come to the conclusion that she’ll get a pass by crying “Islamophobia”? Because it damn near worked that’s why.

“Islamophobia” has become institutionalized by our virtue signaling class, it’s used as a bludgeon to silence dissent, to silence anyone who dares question the sense behind the importation of a violent supremacist cult. Islamophobia has been vaulted to the top of the victimhood hierarchy in Canada by the soft racism of low expectations and the desire to divide and conquer a populace made fearful by the charge of racism that is hurled at them every time they seek to defend their best interests.

You can’t blame the kid, she simply attempted to use to advantage the toxic diversity and multicult Kool-Aid children her age are made to drink. That dishonest doctrine made her dishonest by default. It’s the old story of “The Big Lie” told so often it’s believed.

At least in this instance the police let the public know, other instances of suspected false claims of “Islamophobia” have simply vanished into history without update.

This is Justin Trudeau’s Canada, where virtue signaling and identity politics trump reason.

That will be Trudeau’s poisonous legacy.