Is the Toronto Star Canada’s #FAKENEWS media outlet?

On October 22, 2017, The Toronto Star dedicated four pages, including its front page, in an attempt to exonerate Ayman Elkasrawy, an imam at “Masjid Toronto” mosque, from anti-Jewish and anti-infidel prayers during Ramadan 2016.

Relying on “experts” the Star’s Jennifer Yang alleged that Elkasrawy’s prayers were mistranslated and taken out of context. The Star’s “experts” described the translation by Jonathan Halevi as “propaganda”, “mistranslated”, “decontextualized”, “disingenuous” and “slanted translation.”

Investigating this story I’ve learned that Jennifer Yang was explicitly told in an email by Halevi that his translation was “mainly based on Islamic sources” and that he provided her with a few examples.