Sweden’s #MeToo movement covers up politically incorrect assaults

From Nima Gholam Ali Pour at Gatestone:

What the #MeToo Movement reminds us of in Sweden is how the issue of sexual harassment has become very politicized. While many Swedes are eager to expose celebrities who have sexually assaulted or sexually harassed women, Sweden is still a country where sexual assaults and rapes by newly arrived and illegal migrants is denied and concealed in the most vicious ways by parts of the official establishment.

One of the clearest examples is a recent case where a rapist was not condemned and his victim was blamed.

Moradi, before the incident in the camp, had been celebrated in Sweden’s media as an outspoken, newly-arrived migrant who had “liberal values.” In an interview from July 2017 Moradi said:More.

Reality check: That case is grim reading. #MeToo probably don’t care much about the victims; they crave is the right to hate a certain type of guy, especially one they needed in the past in order to get ahead. They’re not interested if the assailant doesn’t fulfill that need for them. In fact, the complainant may be perceived as a threat, as Pour’s piece outlines.

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