How Ontario PC’s could lose to scandal-plagued Wynne Liberals

Sheila Gunn Reid joined me to discuss the latest controversy engulfing Ontario’s Progressive Conservative party.

  • ontario john

    The sheep in Ontario will be taken in again by the criminal organization called the Ontario Liberal Party. She will promise all sorts of free stuff to the brain dead in this province. BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS FREE HERE!! And little Super Socks will be prancing around at every homosexual parade in the province with her.

  • moraywatson

    Patrick Brown, my MPP Monte McNaughton and every member of the Ontario PC caucus in attendance voted in favour of private members motion M37. In effect they told the people of Ontario that if you oppose totalitarian islam that you are a RACIST. I am NOT voting for a party that calls me a racist.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      They asked me for money ; I told them too stuff it. I don’t know how i am going too vote.As for morals; they don’t know shit!

  • canminuteman

    I think there is a very good chance the liberals will win again. Wynne might lose her seat, but the libs will likely win.

  • john700

    OK, so someone in Alberta opines about Ontario politics. Should we give a fuck about that?
    I will not vote for any Ontario party because they all approved the Islamic Heritage Month.
    In fact, I would like Wynne to win. Ontario deserves her.

    • Linda1000

      Nope, and eastern provincial and federal politics are the reason it makes sense for the western provinces of BC, AB and SK to remove themselves from the federation of Canada which clearly no longer benefits the west.

  • Literally Hitler
  • Cat-astrophe

    Conservatism is as dead as a door nail in the west.

    • shasta

      It is very hard to get someone to vote against their own personal best interests, even if it would be better for the country. Over time this inevitably leads to a “socialist utopia”.

      • A Hamilton Guy

        I am truly sorry that you relatives can’t consider others and vote for the best for all. When they end up like Greece and Italy. Who will they bitch too? Don’t bitch too me.

        • shasta

          End up like Greece and Italy? Aren’t we being optimistic.

    • Clausewitz

      Conservatism is not dead. The fact that the Ontario PC’s don’t believe in it just means that that particular party is. I am a proud conservative, not a Conservative. Both the Federal and Provincial parties are nothing more than Liberal Lite. Bring back Mike Harris.

  • DMB

    Patrick Brown doesn’t seem to be worried right now in fact he is boasting about the increase in the membership of the P.C. party. I wonder how many Liberals have quietly jumped ship to the P.C’s to oust Wynne only to create a new Liberal party under Patrick Brown.

    • canminuteman

      Isn’t that basically how Notley got power in Alberta?

  • Waffle

    The PC candidate in my riding came knocking on my door last week. I told her I couldn’t vote for a party whose leader worships at the feet of Bill Davis (notice how Mr Brownnose is smiling more these days?) who, in my opinion, set the ball rolling for the destruction of Ontario. Oh Ontario — ours to probably never recover.

  • Because Patrick Brown is no different than Kathleen Wynne.

    Wynne has the two most powerful unions in the province backing her.

    Canadians are phenomenally stupid people and would vote for Hitler if he promised marijuana.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      I see that many short sighted and not too swift people are union people.

  • eustace3

    Patrick Brown has systematically purged many white male conservatives from entering nomination contests. Reasons given mostly include comments made in private e-mails, or private videos made (obviously there is no such thing as private communication in the inter net age). In Eastern Ont I know of 6 such people prevented from entering contests in various ridings, the pattern is reported throughout the province. The bottom line is Brown, or head office determines who may run as a PC candidate. Constituents aren’t to be trusted to nominate the correct sort of PC, yet they are browbeaten to support Brown financially, and at the voting booth. It seems Brown can’t bear to be associated with certain conservatives but he would like their vote anyway. Not a great way to practice democracy.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      I hope brown reads this! Pat you phony: Get stuffed, I know you’ll enjoy it!