GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s carbon scheme costly and ineffective

The two key things to understand about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s national carbon pricing scheme are that it will increase the prices of and/or taxes on almost all goods and services and that it will keep going up for decades to come.

It’s not going to end with the $10 charge per tonne of industrial carbon dioxide emissions Trudeau announced for 2018, rising by $10 annually to $50 in 2022.

  • ntt1

    we may well be stuck with turdhole for another term. the reason being there are no viable alternatives there will always be NDP at around 20% hardcore communist vote then there is Mr dimples, our affable politically correct putative leader who can’t seem to grasp what the real issues are . We could ,I suppose vote Conservative ,as I will be.
    Voting for our local MP who has done his best for us ,in the vain hope that on winning the election there is a leadership review and a conservative candidate is found.
    A replacement leader is needed. win or lose it will have to happen.

    • Bla Bla

      The only way we’ll get a viable leader elected is to get rid of the agents of the globalist uni-party apparatus. Until then, the federal conservatives will very much resemble the mess that the provincial PC are.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Yes Lorrie, we know. The burning question is, what do we do about it?

    • shasta

      Probably what Canadians have always done when they can’t take the bullshit governments here any more; move to the U.S.A.

      • Tooth&Claw

        Not helpful.

        • Bla Bla

          Unfortunately, canadians seem to be fixated on class warfare – and therefor vote for candidates who promise the world to them without fail. There is nothing that can be done to address this and it’ll get worse as the libranos bring in millions upon millions of turd worlders.

        • shasta

          I am sorry you find my solution not helpful, would you have been happier if I would have suggested armed insurrection?
          I had several good opportunities to leave Canada when I was young, and much to my regret I stayed. There is nothing I can do about it now.
          As for the usefulness of my suggestion, I might mention that I do genealogy as a hobby, and have found that I have many more American relatives than Canadian ones, even though I will never meet many of them. I always found it strange seeing as how I am a U.E.L. and can trace my Canadian roots to the late 1700s, and even further back with some Quebecois connections, but the constant flow of young adults to the U.S. has ensured that most of the type of people that you would wish to do something have already left.

          • Tooth&Claw

            Perhaps that’s true, perhaps not.
            There has been a lot of cross border activity all along. My spouse’s family on the paternal grandmother’s side is all from the U.S. and directly related to Joseph Smith through his brother. Not that it’s an endorsement of the Mormon faith. Spouse is non observant.

  • Bla Bla

    Haha, taliban trudeau might as well pull a wynne and jump the price right to 50$/ton… I mean, his only function is to absolutely destroy the country right? What is he waiting for?

    And… as much as we are going to be hurt by the stupidity of the criminal liberal party of canada – the jack bags who voted them in will be eating it too. And that will bring a smile to my face as I pay 2$/liter for fuel at the pumps.

  • But people voted for this.

    This is clearly a tax grab that would serve no practical purpose. People are so fine with it that they voted the people who implemented it into office.

    This is why when Canadians complain that they are cold and cannot afford food, you should laugh at them.

    You are what you vote.

  • deplorabledave