But does anyone take Hollywood power women seriously?

If so, they shouldn’t. The New York Times keeps flogging this article by Cara Buck at LinkedIn:

Powerful Hollywood Women Unveil Anti-Harassment Action Plan

Driven by outrage and a resolve to correct a power imbalance that seemed intractable just months ago, 300 prominent actresses and female agents, writers, directors, producers and entertainment executives have formed an ambitious, sprawling initiative to fight systemic sexual harassment in Hollywood and in blue-collar workplaces nationwide.

No one can predict whether this burst of energy will lead to lasting changes. Time’s Up members said the meetings had brought disagreements and frustrations as well. “It’s not as satisfying as finding a silver bullet,” Ms. Ferrera said. “We all recognize there’s no such thing.” But, she added, “not taking action is no longer an option.” More.

Reality check: Nothing will happen except witch hunts against some unlucky guys who are hardly the worst offenders. In Hollywood, where sex is a commodity, the reality is that tolerating harassment was a business choice. Now that Hollywood is headed south anyway there is plenty of time for spilling, rage, and recrimination.

Women who work in industries where something other than sex is marketed would be better off with leaders who more clearly represent their issues.

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