The Palestinian Terror Party: Celebrating Murder

What do the Palestinians think about the murder of a young rabbi and father of six? They “welcome” it with open arms.

So what if Rabbi Raziel Shevach was said to have maintained good relations with his Palestinian neighbors?

The Palestinians are still happy that he was gunned down last week as he was driving his car in the northern West Bank. They are happy because the victim was a Jew. They are happy because the victim held a religious position: Rabbi. They are happy because the victim was a “settler.”

The fact that Rabbi Shevach was the father of six children does not faze the Palestinians one bit.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Stop calling them Palestinians. They are a fictional people from a fictional land. Call them what they are: Mid Eastern Rabble/Criminals.

  • fedupwithislam

    Their response to what can only be described as a tragedy for the Rabbi’s family clearly shows that these people lack basic human virtues. Who would not weep at the murder of a husband and father of six?

    • Watchman

      Question: “Who would not weep at the murder of a husband and father of six?”
      Answer: ‘Falestinians’†

      The Falestinians only regret is that the young rabbi did not have his whole family with him at the time as additional people to be murdered.

      † How can you have a group of people claim centuries long association with a land they can’t even pronounce the name of, with there being no plosive ‘P’ sound in Arabic and having to substitute the ‘F’ sound instead?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Time for Israel to return their tanks to the Ramallah Muqata until Abbas goes the way of Arafat.