The Lingering Dream of an Islamic State

It was inevitable, a young lawyer in Tunisia told me, that the first attempts at a modern Islamic state would flounder. Young Muslims had grown up under the paradigms of nationalism, European racism and harsh police states, he said. They carried these inherited behaviors into the caliphate formed by the Islamic State, a place that was supposed to be just and colorblind but instead reveled in violence and was studded with mini neocolonial enclaves, where British Pakistanis lorded over local Syrians, and Saudis lorded over everyone. It would take one or two generations to unlearn these tendencies and deconstruct what had gone so wrong, he said. But he remained loyal to the idea — partly because the alternative he currently lives under is worse. “When the police become the state itself,” he said, “it is truly terrifying.”

  • simus1

    Tunisian muslim moron and muslim lawyer – a very dangerous combination. Hopefully he is really just a communist spouting protective colouration.

  • HalcyonDaze

    It’s interesting that this man thinks the Caliphate was the first real attempt at a modern Islamic state because all he had to to was look around at Iran, Saudi Arabia and now Turkey to see that it’s a flawed ideal that’s being carried out by numerous Islamic countries.

    But his dream of a “modern Islamic” state should be a wakeup call for the west because what he really means is that the term “modern” can and will be changed out with the term “radical” which is what he really wants.

  • Thomas Henderson

    The Ottoman Caliphate ended less than a century ago in 1924. It was the last of a continuity of caliphates that attempted to unite all the world’s Mohammedans under one banner. The dream of the Caliphate is not dead. It is very much alive wherever believers are called to prayer.

    The end game is Dar Al-Islam, the coming together of the household of submission. Mohammad, allegedly inspired by Gabriel who brought the Qur’an into his heart, reinterpreted the story of Abraham so that God’s covenant promises are meant for Ismael’s descendants (the first born through Hagar the Egyptian) instead of Isaac’s (through Sarah). Peace will be achieved when all submit to Allah’s benevolent rule.

    For many Mohammedans, particularly Sunni, the Caliphate is a spiritual quest for divine order on earth. In their minds it will happen someday. The Qur’an promises it.

    This is far from over. Stay tuned for the next chapter.

  • tom_billesley

    Mahometans suffer from cognitive dissonance when they experience freedom in Dar-Al Harb, not in the umma or their particular shitholeistan.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Islam appears to be like Communism to the true believers. It just hasn’t been done properly…yet.