“Save Africa”

h/t DMB

  • Gary

    This is so much like the fraud by Stephen Lewis that had a great vacation in Africa
    with a private jet once there and Air-conditioned Hotels and luxury cars to tour the areas and then fly back to Canada and write a book about AIDS where the CBC brought him on to pormote it and tell his painful story of poverty and needs that he saw.
    None of the Liberals or Hollywoods types gave a damn when millions of non-whites died in Africa….it wasn’t a crisis until upper class white gay males in the Arts community started to die in the USA .
    Justin now doesn’t give a damn about the misogyny outside of canada under the jack boots of islams sharia , most White Liberals won’t care until it’s their daughter being forced to wear a Hijab at their private school and have a ‘ visit a mosque ‘ day . The gay comminity doesn’t care about the thousands of homosexuals killed by islam every years because its outside the West .

    In 2016 , Wynne spoke about the Orlando slaughter to the LGBTQ commuinity where 50 were killed and nother 50 injured and yet she made it about islamophobia to blame islam for what muslims do .

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  • Editor

    I’m sorry, what makes it a spoof? More like the reality of NGO financing.