Police Hunt Down Facebook Users Who Made ‘Offensive’ Comments About Muslim Grooming Gangs Online

Northumbria Police have warned that “offensive” comments on the Internet will not be tolerated, tracking down users who made “potentially criminal” posts on social media about grooming gangs.

  • deplorabledave

    Suicidal virtue signalling. I’d say I can’t believe it but there it is.

    • It’s all too common.

      • Western progressive brainwashing has clearly been effective.

        We are witnessing the (equivalent of) collapse of the Roman Empire in real time.

        The suicidal PC politicians nodding approval all the way to a Muslim head lopping party.

  • tom_billesley

    A senior coroner faces calls to resign over claims she caused “immense anguish and trauma” in her handling of burial requests from Muslim and Jewish families.
    Mary Hassell, senior coroner for inner north London, was told to “step down or move to an area where she doesn’t have to deal with diversity”.
    The call from Councillor Adbul Hai, a Labour cabinet member in Camden, comes after a years-long row over her refusal to prioritise families requesting swift burials and less invasive post-mortems for religious reasons.
    In a letter to members of the Jewish community, Ms Hassell has written that “no death will be prioritised in any way over any other because of the religion of the deceased or family, either by coroner’s officers or coroners”.
    She has written that she is “acutely conscious” of Jewish and Muslim teachings and “always [takes] these into account but that “there is a difference between being sensitive to faith and prioritising one person over another because of their religion”.

  • Martin B

    Constable Plod has gone Gestapo.

  • ntt1

    plod is now a full on political commissar. “you are guilty until we decide you are not” and “everybody is guilty of something”

  • simus1

    Most plods seem to be very PC and promotion oriented.
    Beats being a real cop, just follow the leader.

  • roccolore

    This is how the rape gangs flourished for years.

  • canminuteman

    What does one have to say to be offensive to a “grooming gang”?

    If I lived there and had time on my hands I would make it my business to troll facebook and find people who were being offensive to me and report every single one of them to the facebook gestapo.

  • Clink9

    At some point these wimps have to just look at their boss dishing out these nazi orders and laugh in their face.

  • But don’t go after those grooming gangs, cops.

  • Jay Currie

    What could one say about a Grooming Gang which would not be offensive?

    “Other than the rapes, lovely bunch of blokes…”

  • felis gracilis

    If the bloody police and bureaucrats had been doing their jobs there would have been nothing to post about.

  • bargogx1

    Once again the British authorities make it crystal clear what their true priotities are.

  • Dave

    Now how long until M103 and the less than half-witted boy blunder create similar conditions is canuckistan.

  • Allan

    The cops have their head up their asses.